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"We wanted to focus on 3 basic words Quality, Affordable and Simple". We sell a top quality product, at an affordable price, with a simple process! We ship direct from our manufactures all over the US. We keep our website simple, product selection to the best of the best. This equals huge savings for you. Come see for yourself!

With over 20 years in the mattress industry, and having owned traditional mattress stores located in local shopping centers, most of those years.  We had always tried to make buying a mattress more simple for our customers. When you walk in to some of these stores and "Just WOW" there are over (70) models, (10) different manufactures, cool gel in this one, but there's all foam cool gel in this one, well this one has a regular coil system, and this one a pocketed coil system, with cool gel of course, how about latex foam? Have you heard this one... "this mattress is the same mattress the other stores carry, it just has a different name on it, what?... omg! Where do you even start? 

Just a little insider information, they (the chain/bigger mattress stores) want you to be lost, confused and at the mercy of their sales person. Of which, in many cases you will find they have been in the business less than a year or so, and have no real product knowledge, whatsoever. In many cases you the consumer knows more about the mattresses (we know you do that online mattress homework) than the person standing in front of you, sound about right? However, all of this makes their job easier, because by the time they're done making you confused to the 10th power, many customers just give in, and buy something. More times than not, with no real idea of what they just purchased. (you know we're right, lol)

Therefore, we wanted to focus on 3 basic words Quality, Affordable and Simple. We wanted to bring you a top quality product, at an affordable price and make the process, simple. So, we utilized our "20" plus years in the mattress industry, and dealing with thousands of customers over those years. We have listened to their needs, problems, concerns, wants and wishes. We work tirelessly, searching all over the US and around the world to put together a collection of top quality sleep products, that we believe are the best in the industry. In short, we have done all of the leg work for you, and put together a sleep product line based on five key sleep categories, and we feature the best of each in our showrooms.

We hope this all makes some sense, as we really are trying to uncomplicated, an extremely complicated industry.

R. Corey Haney


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