The MLILY PowerCool is a hybrid 11.5” seven-layer medium mattress cooling system that includes an adjustable base. You will instantly cool down when you lie on this mattress, you will experience a completely smooth, cooling sensation due to its excellent air-flow and breathability features. The Mlily bamboo charcoal memory foam is crafted to adapt to your body's micro pressure points, regulating moisture, odor and temperature all while you sleep. Mlily's specially engineered Smart Foam is breathable, flexible, and actively adapts to your body's natural contours. It provides all of the benefits of latex while being allergy-free. Smart Foam ensures a comfort- able, more restful night's sleep. The 2000 Mlily Pocket Springs in this mattress are specially crafted with a unique spindle shape, allowing the mattress to be roll compressed and delivered right to your door. High durability and stability provide you with an unparalleled level of support. Corner to corner support ensures that you get the regenerative sleep you need to wake up feeling your best with less tossing and turning. The sleep system base in an adjustable base that adjusts your head and feet, inlcudes USB ports and has fans to enhance the cooling experience.

PowerCool PLUSH System