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MLily Serene Elite Memory Foam Mattress

The MLily Serene Elite Memory Foam Mattress features premium knit cooling fabric designed to provide enhanced breathability and air-flow. The Gel AirCell Memory Foam with PCM delivers the comfort of supreme performance gel memory foam, in which has been expertly crafted with NASA inspired Phase Changing Material Technology, creating a breathable, temperature-regulating sleeping surface that keeps you cool and fresh throughout the night. The Quilted Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam layer is specially quilted and creates a layer that keeps moisture, odor, and temperature at a minimum, all while adapting to the sleeper's individual pressure points, comfortably relieving aches and pains while you sleep. The Flex Comfort and Support Foams are both lined with liquid cooling gel, giving this mattress an added level of cooling comfort and flexibility, ensuring a more pleasant night's sleep. The Zoned Aero-Flex Foam is a unique layer that has been designed with aerodynamics in mind, allowing for consistent air-flow and adaptability to every individual. If you like the support of memory foam and desire a mattress with enhanced air-flow, advanced cooling technology, then you will love the MLily Serene Elite Memory Foam Mattress!

MLily Harmony Chill Memory Foam Mattress (for sale in store only)

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