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Why our website prices are more than our Demo Showroom prices

You may have noticed our website pricing is more than the price quote you have received at one of our demonstration showrooms, this is by design. Our customers who are shopping online and have never visited one of our showrooms do not receive the showroom discounts. This is why we only have to compete with other online stores such as Casper and Leesa, to name a few. Therefore, you will find that our online pricing is comparable, and in many cases better, than the other guys' online pricing. 

In a nut shell, we basically sell at wholesale prices from our Demo Showrooms. 

We hope to spread to the world, one Demo Showroom at a time, that there is a better way to buy your next adjustable bed and mattresses. One without paying over inflated prices these other guys are charging. We hope if you have not already had the opportunity to visit one of our Demo Showrooms, and find yourself in a city where we are located, you will come by and see what all the hype is about! (click here for locations)

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